Choose from our range of traditional giftware or treat yourself to some of our famous boiled lollies, hand-made to our original old fashioned recipe right here in Ballarat, Australia. var post, ad; script.onload = function( script, textStatus ) { Please provide error message below if you are doing support request.<\/div>
<\/div><\/div>'); Founded on world class product quality and a highly focused business strategy, Ferndale’s brands, including JILA® mints, JOLS® fruit pastilles and LICORETTE®, provide convenient guilt-free enjoyment for millions of consumers throughout Australia and around the world. "Really authentic and entertaining open air museum. streamOpts['s-smart-p'] = "0"; } Discover confectionery shops and lolly retailers in Ballarat with ratings and reviews from our members at TrueLocal Business. console.log( response ) 'disable-cache': '', To redeem please use the code BALLARATLOCAL }, 0); if (!isMobile && streamOpts.trueLayout !== 'carousel') $cont.css('minHeight', '500px'); response.items = newArr; Directly to your inbox. afterContentArrived( window.jQuery ); FlowFlowOpts.dependencies[extension] = 'loaded'; 'shop': '',

if ( ads ) { return; Overflowing with delightful treats, a gourmet chocolate hamper makes a great personal or corporate opts.streams['stream' +]['items'] = response; It was gorgeous!! Established in 1995 by the Edward family in Ballarat, to develop, produce and market new innovative confectionery concepts and brands. FREE DELIVERY to Ballarat locals living within the 3350, 3351, 3352, 3355, 3356, 3357 and 3358 post codes. $stream = FlowFlow.buildStreamWith(response, streamOpts, moderation, FlowFlowOpts.dependencies); $cont.append( $stream ); Stunning Chocolates To Die For, The Ballarat Chocolate Shoppe Has style.href = ""; storage.setItem(testKey, '1'); However –. try { FREE DELIVERY to Ballarat locals living within the 3350, 3351, 3352, 3355, 3356, 3357 and 3358 post codes. 'page': '0', console.log('Flow-Flow: resource loading failed'); TAS. $.when( ajaxDeferred, FF_resource.scriptDeferred, FF_resource.styleDeferred ).done(function ( data ) { $cont.before($errCont); The Online Shop at Sovereign Hill. /* response = JSON.parse(original); */ Read our Frequently Asked Questions page. $cont.prepend($('
ADMIN INFO: Feeds cache is being built in background. Bulk Lollies (421) Chocolate (127) Gummy Lollies (116) Lollipops (82) Sour Lollies (74) Licorice (48) Jelly Beans (29) Sherbet (28) Bubble Gum (25) Mints (22) Toffee (19) Specials (8) View our entire lolly range > Online Lolly & Candy Store. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. ... 11 Confectionary found in Ballarat. } Ferndale Confectionery is an Australian confectionery business, who is 100% family owned, demonstrating sustained business success.

opts.streams['stream' +] = streamOpts; phone 03 5331 2945 to place your order. Our extensive range of bulk confectionery features all of your favourite Australian lollies from  leading brands, as well as Dutch, US and UK confectionery. At the Ballarat Chocolate Shoppe, you always get great service with a smile. }; Ph: (+61) 3 5335 1633

var num = streamOpts.layout === 'compact' || (streamOpts.mobileslider === 'yep' && isMobile)? abortTimer = setTimeout( function () {
var isMobile = /android|blackBerry|iphone|ipad|ipod|opera mini|iemobile/i.test( navigator.userAgent ); What we have to offer for each occasion. Confectionery & Lolly Shop - Ballarat, VIC 3350. } = "screen"; Like to see our award winning candy buffets? try {

Right now, a selection of our famous products are available to buy online. var $stream, width; Competing with large multinationals in a highly competitive marketplace, by developing high quality, popular brands with unique attributes and benefits. = "ff_ad_style"; $cont.before($errCont); We work with our clients to create a stunning candy buffet design that matches your colour palette or event theme. ACT

} $errCont = $('
If you see this then you are administrator and Flow-Flow got errors from APIs while requesting data. 9:00am to 6:00pm Sun - Wed 8:00am to 8:00pm Thu - Sat.

Confectionery & Lolly Shop - Ballarat, VIC 3350. styleDeferred: $.Deferred(), } Take a look at our handmade chocolates and novelty chocolates section, where you will find the perfect gift. Come in and enjoy a delicious chocolate and a chat with Debbie and her friendly team at: 16 Doveton Street North, Ballarat, or phone 03 5331 2945 to place your order.

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