While they may not marry or formally acknowledge their commitment, it will be surprisingly stable. Aquarius is known as an independent sign, but an Aquarius man is not necessarily opposed to marriage or a long-term commitment. Fixed Signs prefer to follow a routine and stick to established rules and procedures. If you are, read on. On the other hand, this combination has the potential to be a lasting one. It’s the perfect blend of Astrology, Psychology and something called Sextrology. At this point, they may decide that they might as well get married, or they may not bother. A Gemini woman is not one to pressure a man in any way, so much will depend on what he decides to do. If it is about something that you can talk about intelligently, even better. The main thing that will bother her about him is that he is so consistent that his patterns will start to become predictable to her. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'astrologify_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',110,'0','0'])); The compatibility for the two works on different levels. It is uncertain what will happen at this point. She does not tend to have set ideas about how anything should be, and if she did, they would not be important enough to her to fight over. Because of this, it is common for Aquarius natives of either gender to be somewhat androgynous. Instead, she enjoys hearing the opinions of others, and she will switch sides in a debate just to keep it going. If an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman form a long-term relationship, they may never actually marry. They will listen to others, but they rarely change their minds once they are made up. Because of the nature of these two signs, it is possible that they may not decide to enter into a marriage. Being Air Signs, an Aquarius man and Gemini woman lead with their intellect, even in the bedroom. An Aquarius native of either gender will be unusual in some way. Of course, it doesn’t start off so well. Most of the problems between an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman will occur early on in their relationship, as they are starting to get to know each other. They will have an unusual household, most likely dominated by books. This is because his aloof and shy nature can get the better of him even in the bedroom. Their opposite natures make it easier for them to connect again. It will take an Aquarius man a long time to make any decision about marriage or a long-term commitment. Aquarius men are intellectual and detached, while Pisces women tend to be naïve and sympathetic. For instance, the humanitarian nature of an Aquarius man … How to Get an Aquarius Man to Respond to Your Text. He will be unusual in some way, which she will find incredibly attractive. A problem may arise if he gets stuck doing one or two things. Our community of Astrogirls thrives when we help each other. Indeed, it is possible that these two will dislike each other intensely, at least at first. The Modes determine how the signs react to change, and they are very important in predicting a person’s working style. On the other hand, they lack balance. Aquarius generally prefers to do things their own way, and have trouble adjusting to changes in their routine. The thing is that Aquarius men are pretty much a fixed sign. This sign does not feel bound by social conventions in any way. If they do date, he will take her to unusual and out of the way places, which she will absolutely love. Usually, when an Aquarius is with another sign, it is the other sign that brings sex down to earth and passion into the bedroom. Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry, Aquarius man, Gemini woman: Strongest points of compatibility, Important traits of an Aquarius man in relation to a Gemini woman, Important traits of a Gemini woman in relation to an Aquarius man, Aquarius man, Gemini woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship, Aquarius man, Gemini woman: Sexual compatibility, Aquarius man, Gemini woman: Marriage and family life, Aquarius man, Gemini woman: Working together, Typical fights between an Aquarius man and a Gemini woman and how to resolve them. Indeed, most modern astrological texts use the terms feminine and masculine for these qualities. On the other hand, Aquarius may also be quite conservative. From the first time that they meet each other, there will be a feeling of kindred spirits with one another. Most women make mistakes that push Aquarius men away. But this suits her fine, because Aquarius woman has plenty to keep herself entertained with and she won't want him tethered to her apron strings, because that would only slow her down. Help your fellow Astrogirls with their questions. Aquarius and Pisces sexually complement each other the best. It is hard to know exactly what an Aquarius man will be like. This makes Aquarius extremely stable once they enter into a long-term relationship. It can be so stable, that before they know it, they may even spend a lifetime together. An Aquarius man is the least social of the Air Signs, but he does like to talk when the opportunity presents itself.

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