(126) July 2, 2011 Sabbath This article discusses China's covert war against America. (rpr 4/10/11), (102) June 12, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This study discusses the signs of the first and second, (103) July 10, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This study discusses the death decree on the wave sheaf and, (104) July 24, 2010 Sabbath This study discusses ways of eating that heal. (rpr 4/12/11), (10) This article explains the reason behind the persecution of the Branch Davidian Church. The powerful, (11) A survival guide to those who are prosecuted for righteousness sake.

She continues to fight for leadership of the Branch Davidian sect. (rpr 4/20/11), (83) December 12, 2009 This study reviews the scriptures about the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of God, the, (84) New Moon and December 19, 2009 This study reviews the Bible's evidence that UFOs have fought for. The standoff with the government five years later decimated Koresh's group, giving Amo the opportunity to move onto the Mt. George Roden was the son of Benjamin and Lois Roden, leaders of a Seventh-Day Adventist sect known as the Branch Davidians. (rpr 4/22/11), Yeshua And The Messianic Prophecies, Part 1, (91) February 13, 2010 This study shows that Christ fulfilled many of the messianic prophecies of the Old, Yeshua And The Messianic Prophecies, Part 2, The Hidden Messiah. (rpr 4/17/11), (53) June 6, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the seven seals, trumpets and plagues in, (54) June 13, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the second seal, the, (55) June 13, 2009 EASY This article discusses the memorial and prophetic significance of the Ceremonial, (56) June 20, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the third seal, the third, (57) June 27, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the fourth seal, the fourth, (58) July 4, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the fifth seal, the fifth, (59) Part 1, July 11, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the end time sounding of the sixth trumpet. (re-proofread 4/17/2012), (144) December 17, 2011 Sabbath Complaints about America's current economic policies. (re-proofread and revised 4/16/2012), (140) December 3, 2011 Sabbath The consequences of the National Debt at 100% of GDP. After the 1993 fire, she attracted notice by beginning a one woman reoccupation of the sect s Mount Carmel property. 2:34. The next year, Koresh's supporters reclaimed Mt. Photo found in the [Waco] Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden collection, Accession #3312, Box #1, Folder #11, The Texas Collection, Baylor University. This article was meant to finish. (re-proofread 4/15/2012), (136) November 12, 2011 Sabbath How to take Buddy Roemer's message to the streets. (re-proofread 4/16/2012), (138) November 19, 2011 Sabbath A mother's concerns expressed. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (12) This article criticizes President-elect Barack Obama for his political platform and his views on the, (13) This articles illuminates the dangers of joining any religious group not protected by God.

Fixing America (No. Religious and political essays by Amo Paul Bishop Roden on the Branch Davidian Church history and message, prophecy, our evil world, corrupt courts, etc. (Since George's divorce from his wife Carmen would not be finalized until February 28, 1998, her detractors question the legitimacy of their common law arrangement.) 14, 2009 EASY This article explains the flag of the Kingdom of God. (115) January 1, 2011 Sabbath This article discusses God's thoughts on abortion as revealed by Jer. At one point in her reoccupation, when another ex-husband, Tom Drake, rejoined her, she was also known as Amo Paul Bishop Roden Drake or Amo Roden Drake. More information about Amo Paul Bishop Roden can be found in the [Waco] Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden papers at The Texas Collection.

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