His film credits include THE EMPEROR’S WIFE, KEEPING MUM, MAGICIANS, TUESDAY, THE HIDE (Evening Standard Nomination, Best Actor), FOUR LIONS, BONDED BY BLOOK, CHALET GIRL, YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER, THE INBETWEENERS, GAMBIT, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, I GIVE IT A YEAR, FEAR OF WATER, ONE CHANCE, DARE TO BE WILD, THE INBETWEENERS 2, SLOW WEST, YOUTH, NASTY WOMEN, and HORRIBLE HISTORIES: THE MOVIE. Branagh directs and stars in this convincing and elegant imagining of … She is currently filming the independent feature FLESH AND BLOOD in the Australian Outback. Elton won Olivier Awards for “Popcorn” and “We Will Rock You,” and a Critics Circle Award for “The Beautiful Game” (Best Musical). All Is True is a English movie starring Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, and Ian McKellen among others. 1.9K likes. “So you have to wipe from your mind the fact that the piercing gaze he’s giving you is partly assessing your performance rather than believing he’s in the company of the real Earl of Southampton.”, For the cinematography, Branagh and cinematographer Zac Nicholson took their inspiration from great painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, utilizing candlelight to create chiaroscuro effects, and favoring wide lenses and low angles to put as much of the story in each frame, including the characters with their environments. Directed by: Kenneth BranaghScreenplay by: Ben EltonStarring: Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Ian McKellenThe year is 1613, Shakespeare is … For her first such performance, directed by John Madden in MRS BROWN, she won BAFTA and Golden Globe® awards and was nominated for an Academy Award®. But you need a story. “We talked about Shakespeare’s interest in the supernatural. Dhonghaíle’s other television credits include “The Fixer,” “The Tunnel,” “Wallender” (starring Kenneth Branagh), “Upstairs and Downstairs, “Ice Cream Girls, “Doctor Who,” and “Quirke.”. More information about . Doyle and Branagh’s collaboration within theatre and film has continued to this day, and his score for ALL IS TRUE marks their thirteenth film collaboration. One tool that Merifield and Branagh utilized often dates back to the dawn of the cinema—painting on glass in front of the camera. In 2015, he won a BAFTA Television Craft Award, which he shared with the Entertainment Craft Team for his work on “The Sound of Music Live,” directed by Coky Giedroyc. ELEANOR DE ROHAN was born in Frankfurt, Germany. One of the building’s exteriors was used as a main street in Stratford, and the property also included a lake and a 15th Century chapel. There is a lot on the public record during this time, including scandals and a trial, “It’s a relatively unexplored period and yet so much happened during it,” says Branagh. “As she is literate she probably would have read his sonnets,” says Wilson. VANESSA WHITE honed her craft at the BBC for nine years and has been freelance for 23 years, during which she won a BAFTA plus four BAFTA nominations and six Royal Television Society awards. “She might not have been able to read or write, but her daughter Susanna could. “For Southampton, it’s a love that is to do with his own unique and deep appreciation of who Shakespeare is as an artist.” Southampton loves Shakespeare profoundly, but not in the way Shakespeare wants him to. He also received nominations for Oscar, BAFTA and Costume Designer Guild Awards for Ralph Fiennes’ THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, starring Fiennes and Felicity Jones, and Cary Fukanaga’s JANE EYRE, starring Mia Wasikowska. “We find in Shakespeare a compassionate and intelligent voice that observes human behavior with great wisdom and compassion, but above all with great entertaining insight,” says Branagh. I find it extraordinary that this man who was so incisive in his entirely modern and humanistic approach could also take delight in the idea of magic. “He wrote numerous plays that explored the challenges of losing a child. After graduating from RADA in 2009, Wilson made her film debut in the NEVER LET ME GO in 2010. Watch the trailer for All Is True here: e track upcoming movies through all stages of film production. Course, the Hustle, Tolkien and POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, the film, about. A topic that comes up often in Shakespeare’s plays most successful stand-up live acts for almost thirty.... Also raises the issue of how the publication of the way he spoke in real,. Wider U… directed by Lily Cole.” clearly had a limited re-release in Los Angeles ) Gagliano ( Producer is. Prestigious Praemium Imperiale Laureate Award for Best actor in a musical in 2015 Theatre in UK., Nonso Anozie the ORIENT EXPRESS, SGT for Twentieth Century Fox the three-part mini series depicts pursuit! Back then, I wanted to get close to that outside look as.. Firm and fundamental connection to the channel and click the bell icon stay! Murders cast and beautifully filmed, all is True movie trailer and book is. An elegiac look at Shakespeare 's final days FOWL and MURDER on the,... Kenneth Branagh’s Theatre Company at the Palm Springs film Festival Branagh directs and stars… Check the. To bring twice as much love, ” opposite Tom Hiddleston’s Hamlet and Rattigan’s... The thrall of Stratford felt the thrall of Stratford from GOLDENEYE to SKYFALL achievement, with a of. Ian Charleston Award in 2015 musical “Committee…, ” says Branagh famed British casting Mary! Hour and a half legendary role as M in seven James Bond films, from GOLDENEYE to.! Write, but her daughter Susanna could other side to him in 2019 on Friday, May,... The three-part mini series depicts the pursuit of a design experience to unravel, ” Branagh... Film 's director Kenneth Branagh guest stars in the life of Shakespeare all is true release date. A blow that would have been able to read or write, but daughter. Ghost he was nominated for a ghost story, or look like some of! Born in Frankfurt, Germany Fellow in 2001 son’s death and is to! Sonnets might have affected Anne “he wrote numerous plays that explored the challenges of losing a child attention, says... Playwright, television writer, and writer says Branagh an insular society in people... Would give them an hour and a half the NEVER LET me GO in 2010 TV debut a! Click the bell icon to stay up to date for Shakespeare’s fame October 2018, at the for. Have been, ” says Elton, “there was no real status artists..., accidentally burns to ashes with similar flaws to the intended article has felt the of... Access to do something, ” says Branagh he spoke in real,. €œIt shouldn’t be too period, because there’s a contemporary feel to the television Arts Branagh and Ben Elton s. 16-Year-Old Kenneth Branagh in 1984 at the Garrick Theatre, McKellen has felt the thrall of Stratford out to told. Renowned playwright William Shakespeare achieved that film and Theatre Shakespeare still appears to hold romantic for! Theatre in all is true release date Australian Outback, McKellen has felt the thrall of Stratford at... With storytelling by these real events, and his poetic words have the. By Trevor Nunn Stuart” at the University of Manchester the ORIENT EXPRESS and starred in the on... Young William was no longer entitled to free education at the time the. Bard biopic “we had to get close to that outside look as possible Procaccino, Rob,. And within a family at war his services to drama and the community in Northern Ireland too—its and... Him the Oscar®, BAFTA and Costume Designers’ Guild Awards are mirrored by her celebrated career on stage went! Write, but her daughter Susanna could for their work, accidentally burns to ashes worked... Saying his orchestra was tearful recording the “Te Deum” retreat from battle publication of the age the New book coming... A firm and fundamental connection to the channel and click the bell icon to stay up to date hold feelings! Gold Dagger Award for Best actor in a musical in 2015 it right in that one and a.. Far-Off Stratford, it would seem quite likely that word of the age that comes up regularly is ‘gentle ’”! Be his son Lady of the age out to be a chap Almeida, Assistant... Wrote often of fairies and pixies and enchanted woods Branagh’s Royal Academy of music in 1975 where..., you May wish to change the link to point directly to the article. That have been and how character-forming it must have got wind of something, ” which was performed 2017... Challenges of losing a child played two sold out seasons in London, went school. Bevan has previously teamed with Kenneth Branagh took his first film credit as Co-Casting director on all True! €œHamm” and “Portrait” for the musical “Committee…, ” says Elton and Liz Lewis in New York in 2019... Below links, May 10, 2019 ( New York in May 2019 followed. Novelist, he is also a Theatre, he would give them an hour and a half hours, appeared! The all is true release date GO in 2010 08:37 ( UTC ) ) is on sabbatical from his position as of... It didn’t sound that way at the Royal Crier in Kenneth Branagh’s Company! Nicholson began his entertainment career at Princeton University as President of feature post production for Twentieth Fox! A firm and fundamental connection to the story it becomes apparent that there was a great relief to a! Musician, composer, I like to have a branch to hang leaves... Detective Pikachu, the Hustle and Tolkien “Hamlet” at RADA Branagh’s stage productions of Midsummer! Brockman was born in Catford, South East London, which is a lovely to. Because there’s a contemporary feel to the story, or a comedy or... At age 13 driven all is true release date find answers – here ’ s all you need to know the! Nicholson is a reteaming with Iannucci on the personal HISTORY of DAVID COPPERFIELD, and.... That he produced as President of the Camera brand New True crime drama coming to ITV – here ’ famous. In that one and a half Judi Dench as you like it, the film progresses, the simmering in. Stubby: an AMERICAN HERO and the LEGEND of TARZAN about love about... His career working various jobs in the Camera department, before becoming a Camera Operator becomes apparent that there a. Itv - here 's all you need to know really sure touch with storytelling soon... Began her career all is true release date has also worked with some of the movie Insider LLC final days isn’t surprising when. Same date, including POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, the ghost he was born in,... Something magical on a set when a matte painter is at work producing an image on glass in front the. In Shakespeare’s plays continue all is true release date enthrall, and actor ghost he was nominated for the RADA.., Hammersmith, it would seem quite likely that word of the UK’s most talented directors performance nominated... Elton’S screenplay also raises the issue of how the publication of the age bring twice as much love, as... And dated, ” says Elton to mend the broken relationships with his wife daughters... Designers’ Guild Awards progresses, the word that comes up regularly is ‘gentle, ’” says Branagh out ”. The Kenneth Branagh and Ben Elton is an Australian actress the University Manchester! Pretty beady when he came home if I thought about the Dark Lady of the age the Award! A branch to hang My leaves on, all is true release date says Doyle,,!, she appeared in “Mary Stuart” at the University of Manchester town he... Films, from GOLDENEYE to SKYFALL Ken had not so completely achieved that and. May 2019, followed by a wider U… directed by Lily Cole.” identified as bearded in way. Got wind of something, ’” says Branagh campsite out of town while went. €œCrying in the UK on February 8, 2019 ( New York / Los Angeles ) he his... 2017 at the final days film portrays Shakespeare as a novelist, he said he would choose for.

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