Also pretty irritated. Anyway, I watched it and I was so confused with all the drama? FAQ I watched this movie based on the synopsis, it sounded like it could be somewhat interesting. Metacritic Reviews. The last scene is either the characters actually experiencing some sort of afterlife or whatever or just a "wouldn't it be nice if..." scene from the director. And could have been good. Definitely a theatrical drama done in video. I get that it was supposed to be a film about the ‘human condition’ or whatever, which is interesting sure, but because they played it up and even the movie poster made it seem like it was going to be some cool apocolyptic movie, I was really let down. Not the worst movie I've ever seen is the nicest thing I can say, Intriguing premise ruined by a film that ends up centering around the father's mental illness, Not for short attention spans (common these days), Not as bad as the reviews would have had me believe, what you find depends on what you're looking for. But what happens to the pregnant girl? Characters are undeveloped, events that would have explained motives and actions are unexplained, and character arcs are more like pinball trajectories. There were swiss cheese level plot holes and countless unanswered questions, but none more compelling then why did Kyra Sedgewick's character suddenly start speaking French while delivering a baby? We couldn't believe the low ratings this received by comparison with some other movies we have seen. I enjoyed the film. to write the post I wanted to but it's been three days and I didn't want to go any longer without posting something about this. And why did she drag poor Tim Daly into this thing? Ending of the Movie In Darkness Explained. Don't wanna put them in the "for sure canon" part of my brain and then get upset later. Trailer JustWatch. If you go in expecting this to be filled with riveting drama or action or to simply be like many other films with similar subject matter, you're probably going to be disappointed. When she executive produces horrible movies so she can star in them! Nevermind the affront to science, there are bigger problems. They killed themselves. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DaystromInstitute community. A complete waste of whatever recording medium was used to save it. Is it a "gotcha" where they've taken the poison just in time to realize their mistake, or was that the family walking into the afterlife? When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. So very bad! The acting isn't the worst but it's pretty bad, maybe slightly better than an after school special but I'll admit I might be giving it too much credit. This could have been better directed, but it merits far higher ratings than "1". The reviews of this movie share a common mob mentality I've noticed on this and other sites, where several people are bored or have specific expectations of a movie and others tend to chime in. I scoured IMD to find the name of the movie...I'm terrible with names so I had a hard time tracking it down. I don't suppose Section 31 is smart enough to have been responsible for Khitomer/Narendra in the Prime timeline, do you? Wish I had cleaned out the refrigerator instead. I couldn’t find anything to enjoy. I can enjoy a doomsday movie, even a bad one. I actually searched for this, because this movie irritated me so badly. Awards New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. All in all, if you're bored it's something to watch, just not that great of a movie otherwise. I'm a firestick owner so sometimes what you stream isn't what you want. As the Sun burns out, an American family gathers at the end of the world, their hopes for rescue slowly crumbling as they also confront long lasting divides amongst each other. The guy is a huge TNG and DS9 fan, along with the rest of Trek. A barely watchable tangled mess. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Definitely slow moving and a challenge to get to the end. - there is a Section 31 agent there speaking directly to the Romulans, plotting to destroy the Klingons in a joint Section 31 / Romulan venture. The sun rather suddenly goes out (I agree, this is not how I would imagine it would really happen), a super dysfunctional family struggles to survive, then at the last minute, the sun supposedly reignites, and all is well again, EXCEPT for that very last shot, where it kind of looks like maybe it's getting too hot, too bright, too fast. It's pretty amazing, in my opinion, and I can't wait for the next issue! Section 31 was spawned by the temporal cold war in the archer-enterprise series. They care deeply about the franchise, and respecting it while doing the job they're hired to do. I know a lot about the film doesn’t make sense, I mean it was not a great movie at all, but what exactly was that at the end? The comic will most likely explain why there won't be a war with the Klingons even though there should be after the events of Into Darkness. I think the sun exploded at the end like any dying star. Don't wait for the end to make sense - it won't. A subreddit for the Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark. The Klingons have an image of Kirk's face, they know he landed on the surface of Kronos (spelled with proper klingon spelling in the comic) and are holding him responsible for the deaths of the Klingons in that encounter and are ready to go to war with the Federation over Kirk's actions (imagine how pissed they'd be if he had just launched the torpedoes! In Batán Silva’s sci-fi drama the world is suffering an inexplicable solar catastrophe that is causing the sun to burn out. After Darkness — anyone watch this Natalia Dyer/Kaya Sedgwick film? Lars Von Trier's meditative pacing in Melancholia was very effective, however the pacing here is all over the place. The comic will most likely explain why there won't be a war with the Klingons even though there should be after the events of Into Darkness. There's nothing about this that deserved recording. Ok, the world was ending? Sigh. Raymond (Tim Daly) the family patriarch is a self-made … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. After dark is a movie have to stay with its very slow at the beginning but that's a good choice in Middle he starts to come clear about the plight of this family in the end time, I watched this movie by accident. It's just unfair to say the creative force here doesn't know what Trek is about and are just there for "flashy cool space shit". It did not exist originally. The worst movie I've seen in a long time. So, like any great horror flick, the monster isn't dead after all, it just takes on a new and terrifying form in the last few seconds, guaranteeing the 'heroes' will in fact all die, and all the personal growth they experienced is utterly wasted. After Darkness, on one interpretation, does exactly the opposite. Here it is; the sun goes out and then nothing happens. Did the sun just suddenly start working again lmao? At the end...SPOILER....they all die. They are following up on the events of the films with a sequel comic, "After Darkness", and it started off with a hell of a bang. And why the super intense music at the end?? Raymond (Tim Daly) the family patriarch is a self-made man who is overbearing and difficult to get along with. Did the sun magically light back up? Ray Jr. (John Patrick Amedori) provides the voice of reason as the family gets on each other's nerves as food runs short and the earth turns cold. The first issue ends on a rad cliffhanger with the Romulan Senate (yaaaay romulans in the new universe!) Fight to live as long as possible instead of sitting around being miserable some more before killing herself. not even boring, stupid, stupid movie! Let’s jump to the end end, and then work backwards. The story is barely there. Don't waste a second on this one. User Ratings Instead terrible writing combined with a low budget created an absolute snooze fest with contrived unrealistic interpersonal drama substituting for any real action or plot line. If you have watched it, can you explain what in the world happened at the end? At least the rats seemed nice. She gave birth, and left. If you liked the concept of looking at a microcosm's of the human population reaction to the end of world and haven't seen it already, I highly recommend Melancholia. Did they kill themselves and that was just a fantasy? In spite of the fact there is no solar light, solar powered communications satellites operate for days on their battery back-up. I made it to the end and said ... What the hell was that even about? I think she went to go do what most people would do. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. KIRK! The characters are more like caricatures, and it's hard to care what happens to such shallow, exaggerated cliches. I gather that the father was lying about someone coming to rescue them . If you do not like this type of slower movies where a scene can have longer periods of silence and you need the action and the music, press skip and find something else to watch. The title and premise of the story is what reeled me in but sadly disappointed me in the end. I was very confused. What or why was this movie ever made? How do you know when an actress is desperately fighting the end of her career? The Sun wasn't just going to go back to life. Funny, I actually searched for this because I was so irritated. Okay so, to be fair, there are worse films one could point to than this odd snoozefest, but make no mistake, from start to finish you will find yourself wondering if your 98 minutes could be better spent doing something else. After Darkness follows the aftermath of a solar disaster which is causing the sun to die out. LOL! They don't need a retcon. We were drawn in by the names Kyra Sedgewick and Tim Daly. I tried to. Can't remember the episode title, but it's the one where the earth is getting hotter and hotter, then it's twisted at the end to be really about the earth getting colder and colder. After Darkness. Section 31 colluding with the Romulans to attack the Klingons? Please do not watch this movie. Aside from the veteran pros Tim Daly and Kyra Sedgwick, young Natalia Dyer and John Patrick Amedori give excellent portrayals. If I could take back that 1 hour and 35 minutes, I would. I count anything "Official" as canon. wasted time! “Dark” is complicated, and its ending is no different. Some great points/ideas. There are Jr high kids making better movies using their phones-and with better acting! No explanation what so ever! Would a third movie incorporate the plots of these, or what? Are they dead? However this movie's storyline was a non-starter. So, so, so bad. Truth is they all died. This is hardly a masterpiece but it's not terrible either. I wouldn't even really call this a scifi, more like a drama with science fiction undertones, and a bad one at that. Does she hate him? I think it will. Sounds like the usual pile of Alpha Quadrant politics and interpersonal character arcs we've already been getting. I'm too busy these days (I get married next week!!) The story the writers took just didn't have enough substance in it to make a great movie that it could've been that others movies were able to succeed in. The only redemption I can get for watching this movie is if I can convince you not to waste your time. With the skies getting dark and heat becoming scarce, one family retreats to their lavish country home with dwindling hopes of survival. What happened to the woman with the baby? Just a whole lot of boring. "After Darkness" is a family drama played to the background of a blacked-out sun. It'll clear things up so the movie can go exploring. At the end, they all seemed happy, except for the son who might have known what was coming (incineration).

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