November 14 2014
Cloud technology now underpins many business processes.

Cloud 'a core investment' in Australia

Australian companies now consider cloud computing a core investment rather than just a buzzword or fleeting trend, one industry expert has claimed.

Alison Cairns, cloud computing lead at Accenture Australia, said the technology has come a long way since it first hit the market and there is "very steep acceleration" in its adoption in the country.

Ms Cairns told ZDNet that the rate of uptake is only going to increase as more companies realise the benefits of the cloud across a number of business areas.

"It did start out as a buzzword and everyone used to talk about cloud thinking 'what does that really mean?', but it has almost become business as usual now," she stated.

"I think probably in three or four years we may not even use the term anymore, it'll just be how we operate."

According to Ms Cairns, technology underpins a large number of business processes, and organisations are increasingly realising that there are ways to utilise IT systems in order to maximise performance. Mobility and analytics are examples of two trends having a positive impact on modern enterprises, and cloud often acts as an enabler for these technologies.

Recent research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority predicted that cloud computing compound annual growth could be as high as 25 per cent over the next few years. This is likely to have an impact on a range of sectors, including telecommunications, finance and property IT.

"Once you're able to get your data onto the cloud it suddenly becomes elastic and therefore it becomes far more available," Ms Cairns stated.

"It's a very exciting time that we're unlocking with cloud as it is a very agile way of doing business."

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